Enter the Paradox... IF you DARE!

Paradox Of Morality is fun, but emotionally and intellectually challenging. Game play is designed to push players personal & social boundaries by pitting singles or teams against each other, posing moral and psychological dilemmas. Answers may reveal players’ personal beliefs on controversial subjects such as sex, religion, murder, suicide, corporal punishment, virtual reality, technology, time travel and more which leads to hilarity and shocking revelations.

Each & every scenario has a pro & a con side to argue & there are no wrong answers. Contestants are encouraged to argue in their own words, or as a group, their individual beliefs, and values. Remember, you have been WARNED!!!




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At the time of making this game, the Creative God’s mother wants you to know that no offense was ever meant to be taken by anyone that is now or will ever play & enjoy this game.  My son is a jerk, but he created POM for mature individuals to promote & to invoke conscious meaningful debates in a fun & safe environment.  A great deal of thought went into the various scenario questions, with scenarios that range from playful, futuristic, imaginative, murderous & many that play off of real life issues.  But, first & foremost this game is designed to let individuals have fun & was not designed for uptight folks that wish to take it so seriously or too literal, that they get their panties or knickers in a bunch.

 The game is designed so that each & every scenario has a pro & a con side to argue & sets up winners where there are no wrong answers. The contestants are to debate in their own words, or as a group, their individual or collective beliefs & core values.  The scenarios are for fun & all arguments should reflect that premise & anyone trying to find fault in it, doesn’t have to or need to play this game because you have a choice not to play.  Yes, we may have pushed a few boundaries, & yes, some people may take offense to it but, that we believe, is a part of life & in no way was this game created to offend or to upset anyone’s personal beliefs.

 Paradox of Morality was designed to be thought provoking & to encourage constructive thought & social growth through verbal discourse.


- Thank you, the Creative God’s Mother….

(The Creative Gods want you to know that our mommy & lawyers made us say all this shit…)

Special Music Features


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