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Paradox of Morality

was created for mature individuals to promote & to invoke conscious, meaningful debates in a fun & safe environment. A great deal of thought went into the various scenarios ranging from playful, futuristic, imaginative, murderous & many that are loosely based on real-life issues and situations.

Paradox of Morality (POM) is thought provoking and encourages constructive thought and social growth through verbal discourse. At the time of development, we the POM Creative gods, want you to know that no offense is intended to toward anyone that is currently or will play this game. ENJOY!!

Paradox of Morality defined means there is no right or wrong answer to who you are or who you are meant to become.

Your personal, social &, spiritual beliefs are in line with the celestial energy of who you were born to be.

POM is a socially conscious Brand that believes that no one can define your Morality, your Humanity or your sense of Style except for you.  We believe that by freeing your Consciousness of social conformity you open your mind to explore new social norms & strengthen your relationship with Mother Earth & Mankind. 

If one is at peace with who they are or who they are striving to become then they can be in harmony with humanity thereby defining their own personal destiny.

*Peace & Love will always endure
*Happiness is followed by Joy & Acceptance.
*We are at peace with our humanity.

Nameste the Creative Gods

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